Hi, I'm Aleksey!

I'm a Senior Software Engineer with a focus on distributed and high-load systems. I work with С#, Go and Kotlin. Check out my LinkedIn for my latest experience and my GitHub for projects.


Fixing C# type pattern-matching

Craving Kotlin's secure pattern matching on sealed classes for your C# code? Discover how the Visitor Pattern can satisfy your longing!


Checking MongoDB Operation Status: A Simple Guide

Learn how to easily check the status of your MongoDB operations with this step-by-step guide.


Unlocking the Power of Generics: Simulating Dictionary Behavior in C#

Do you want to improve performance of caching? Get rid of Dictionary and use just CLR for that!


Benefits of deconstructors for custom types

How and when to use deconstruction syntax-sugar for your custom types in C#


Testing Private Code in C#: Breaking Encapsulation with InternalsVisibleTo Attribute

Learn about the different options available for testing private logic in C# and how the InternalsVisibleTo attribute can help you access internal members without compromising the encapsulation of your code.


Using CallerMemberName for Improved Logging in C#

Learn how to use "magic" attributes in C#, such as CallerFilePath, CallerLineNumber, and CallerMemberName, to retrieve caller information and improve logging functionality.


Shift Your C# Enums

Discover the simple yet powerful technique of using bitwise shift operator in C# Enums, and how it can improve the readability and maintainability of your code.

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